Katie has also been with us since we began our journey into the bridal industry almost 15 years ago. Once we began offering prom gowns, Katie was one of our very first models to show them on the Catwalk.


She has also modelled for our websites, and as you can see from the photos looks fabulous in anything - a naturally slim figure and pretty face she certainly shows our gowns off to their very best!


She has an amazing charm and natural ability in our live shows and we are delighted she will be showing our new collections in our live events. This is where she shines!!

In fact in one of of former prom events Katie modelled our showstopper at the end and we sold so many our supplier couldn't keep up!


In the other world Katie works for Barclays Bank, lives with her boyfriend Ben

and is a busy mum to a lovely doggie called Dylan.


Katie - we thank you for all your brilliant contribution to Ivory in our journey so far and we are delighted you will be continuing to do what you do best at our live events!